For over 20 years Century Maintenance has provided excellent service to luxurious condominiums throughout Los Angeles.  Such facilities are residential landmarks and it takes a special skill-set to maintain them.  Throughout our history we have developed a strong relationship with these communities, not only in maintaining them but in enabling them to continually attract new residents.

Commercial and Office Buildings

From the close of business on one day to its opening on the next, office buildings must undergo a transformation each night.  We at Century specialize in providing overnight cleaning crews with skills uniquely tailored to each complex.  We believe that a healthy balance of dedicated cleaning by night and regularly scheduled inspections by day goes a long way towards maintain a healthy business environment for our commercial client.

Governmental Facilities

For over 2 decades we have developed a strong reputation in the governmental sector.  For over 13 years we serviced the famous Griffith Park Observatory, which draws over 1.5 million visitors every year.  We are well experienced with the wear and tear that such facilities undertake and the level of dedication and service it takes to maintain such public facilities.

In addition to the daily tasks involved in maintaining a facility, we specialize in services that demand an expert level of attention and skill:


                      ·         Scrubbing and waxing of all floors

                      ·         Lobby floor buffing

                      ·         Carpet spot cleaning and shampooing

                      ·         Pressuring washing of outdoor areas

                      ·         Window washing service 

Contact us today to see how we can apply our expert level of service to your facility!



"We believe in a healthy balance of dedicated cleaning by night and regularly scheduled inspections by day.”

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