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PROFESSIONAL & RESPONSIBLE BUILDING MAINTENANCE                                                                                                              

In our 20+ years of existence, we at Century Maintenance have developed an impressive list of clientel that spans a variety of different facilities throughout Los Angeles.  Whether your facility is commercial, residential or governmental we have an established history that enables us to apply the proper cleaning service to your facility:



Griffith Park Observatory:


- A local landmark and popular tourist destination

- Attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year

- Serviced for 13+ years


Los Angeles Convention Center:


- A world class venue for conventions, trade shows and expos

- Home to over 200 annual events

- Serviced for 6+ years


City of Los Angeles – General Services Division:


- A network of over 100 offices and facilities throughout Los Angeles

- Serviced for 6+ years




(Complete reference list available upon consult)

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